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Welcome to cleaning-service-guide.com, a resource for people responsible for hiring and overseeing the janitorial or cleaning service provider for their facility. As you are well aware, finding a new cleaning company or getting the most out of your current office cleaners can be a real challenge. With so many janitorial services out there, it can be a headache to find the right cleaning company for your needs.


We set out to change that by putting our experience to work for you. Our knowledge in this subject matter is unique in that we have never had to hire a cleaning business to perform any work whatsoever. We have been on the other side of the equation, we operate a very successful commercial cleaning company as well as a carpet cleaning firm. And this experience brings a perspective that will benefit you greatly.

Running a successful commercial cleaning operation for over ten years has taught us a great deal about the cleaning industry. And we can pass what we have learned to you in our guide. For several years our staff cleaned over a hundred apartment buildings per week, landed construction cleanup accounts for giant remodeling projects and cleaned just about everything that could get dirty. However the one mainstay of our business has been office cleaning, and that is the focus of our e-book.

When my partner Suzanna and I first sat down to discuss this project, we were somewhat intimidated by all the unknowns of the process of putting our thoughts to paper. But we forged ahead with the task of providing you insight into what we have learned throughout the years. What we came up with is a guide that will steer you towards getting the best cleaning company for your needs.

“The Office Managers Guide To Hiring The Best Cleaning Service” is the end product. The pages will be a journey that will lead you to hiring the best possible cleaning service. The process does not need to be long and arduous, so don't fret. Getting the best company and breaking free of the cycle of one bad cleaning company after another will not take any longer than before. You will now just be empowered with what to look for in each firm. And you will do that by asking the right questions.

We learned a great deal over the years. Lesson number one is that there was but a few good cleaning companies out there. Many choices are available because this is a business that just about anyone can start. It is easy to get fooled by a smooth talking individual who may work out of the back of his car. One who knows more about how to get an account, than how to clean an account. We will teach you how to avoid getting fooled.

We tried to keep the process simple and easy to follow, and I think we succeeded. Our guide is broken into six chapters. A little about each follows:

Chapter 1 “Know What You Want Before You Call” discusses just how important it is to have a clear vision of what you want done. You need to be crystal clear with the cleaners concerning what you need done. You must also know the basic minimum requirements for a company before you bring them in for an interview.  

Chapter 2 “Weeding Out The Pretenders” covers how you can eliminate some companies over the phone without wasting your time bringing them in for an interview. All the questions you need to ask are there for you. This is a great time saver by itself.

Chapter 3 “The Interview Process” dives deeper into each company in an attempt to learn how they are operated. All the questions are included. We even explain how to interpret the data.

Chapter 4 “Choosing The Winner” does just that. By this time you know what to look for and have zeroed in on a favorite.

Chapter 5 “Keeping The Relationship Strong” explores ways to strengthen the bond between you and the service company. Working together will make the process work. Neither side can do it all alone.

Chapter 6 “Ten Money Saving Tips” explains how to save money without much effort. Many clients of ours have jumped at the chance to save money, and you will too.

We offer our experience in the subject matter to you for the small sum of $39.00. This cost will be swallowed whole by just implementing one tip from chapter six alone, not to mention the time it will save you during the hiring process. To hire a consultant or try the trial and error method to get the best janitorial service will cost you much more than the $39.00 the guide costs. The wasted time that is spent trying to get the most from a lousy cleaning company is hard to even compute, but I do know that it is many times more than what our guide is being offered for.

We wrote this guide to help you, the end user get the most for your money. We hope you place your trust in us and purchase the guide today. A brighter and cleaner tomorrow awaits you.

Get a copy of "The Office Managers Guide To Hiring The Best Cleaning Service" for only $39.00. Use it for an entire 730 days (two years). If you are not happy in any way, we will refund your $39.00 plus add $3.90 for just trying the program (one refund per customer). No questions. No hassles.

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