A Little About Us

Who is behind "The Office Managers Guide To Hiring The Best Cleaning Service"?

The guide was created by Thomas Watson and Suzanna Lewis, founders of T.C. Watson Cleaning Service LLC of New Jersey. A successful privately run commercial cleaning company.

How did we get our start

With $100.00 and plenty of hard work, we built our commercial cleaning company from scratch and become so busy, that we rarely accept any new accounts. We spend the majority of our time focused on growing our carpet cleaning division, HealthyKleen Carpet Cleaning, LLC.

Why did you write "The Office Managers Guide To Hiring The Best Cleaning Service"?

We believe we can help the countless office managers, small business owners and facility managers be better informed when they decide to change service providers. This is one area where a little bit of knowledge can save you a lot of wasted time, not to mention a ton of money.

How will this guide help me?

It will help different people in different ways. If you are moving up to a new position, and are now in charge of hiring and overseeing the cleaners, this guide will be priceless. It walks you through the process and explains what you need to know and why it's important to know it. Not to mention it will show your boss how valuable you are.

If you are more experienced, this will help you create a more organized transition to the new cleaning company with the included forms.

For the seasoned pro, this guide will help you look at your needs in a  new light, challenging you to think outside the box. You will also learn some simple ways to save money.

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